About DogtoberFEST

Through DogtoberFEST, CARMAA promotes our goal of educating the public about the number of resources that are available for adopting a companion animal. DogtoberFEST is an [...]

What To Do When Your Pet is Lost

By Becky DiLucia, CARMAA Board Member It takes just a split second. Someone opens a door or becomes distracted at exactly the wrong moment, and the next thing you know, Fido [...]

Rabbits and Dogs and Cats, Oh My…

By Suaz Forsythe, Wrangling Partner, Rabbit Wranglers When I arrive home after eight hours of doing what I love, I am greeted by my four furry companions—each in their own [...]

Enrichment Fun with Your Dog

By Suzanne Denk, Animal Enrichment Specialist at Animal Friends Pets are a multi-billion dollar industry. We love to spoil our dogs with treats, toys, and even sweaters. Easy [...]